An introduction to Susan

An introduction to Susan

Susan Jespersen has become a regular face at the Ashe County Arts Council where she enjoys their challenges and encouragement. Her work has been exhibited there and at the Ashe County Library, the Ashe Memorial Hospital, and Jefferson Landing Golf and Country Club. Her recent painting "Painted Laurel" was selected for honorable mention in the 2012 art competition and exhibition at Cheap Joe's of Boone, NC. West Jefferson, North Carolina, is an artist's haven for Susan where she enjoys the comradeship of fellow artists, such as Lenore DePree.

Susan was not always an artist. She began painting in 2007 in Port Saint Lucie, Florida. Her first art mentor was Linda Relis, an art teacher who is well known for her outdoor paintings of birds and animals. Later, Susan studied for several years at the Alizarin Crimson working gallery in Stuart, Florida, under the tutelage of Georgia Abood. Georgia Abood is a painter in oils and acrylics, who has won many awards. She owns Alizarin Crimson Gallery and has mentored many artists for over 30 years in her well-known gallery. In fact, for Georgia, art was a family affair as she and her mother began the gallery and worked together until her mother retired.

Originally from Florida Susan has been painting in the mountains of the Blue Ridge in North Carolina since early 2010. She says that she finds the mountains to be a heart lifting spiritual experience. Susan describes herself as a curious painter with the courage to continually learn and try new ideas. She has painted flowers, portraits, landscapes, and still life. In 2011 Susan studied impressionist painting at the Florence Thomas Art School by participating in two of their stimulating workshops. More recently she has been exploring the world of abstract modern art.

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Education and Career

Early in her life Susan realized that she was pulled toward creative activities but she concentrated on her education and earning a living in business and later in higher education. Currently Susan Jespersen is a member of the faculty at Walden University where she serves as the Coordinator of the PhD in Management degree program in the College of Management and Technology.

Susan attended the University of South Florida for a BA in Management and completed course work for a masters in management. She later attended Nova Southeastern University for a DBA in Business Management with a specialization in human resource management. She then completed an MS in Education for Online Teaching and Learning at California State University at East Bay.

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A New Chapter

Further Education

Susan entered the Art College of Appalachian State University in 2015 to complete a bachelor's degree in Fine Arts majoring in Studio Painting. This endeavor will provide challenge and opportunities to learn from the best to further her professional art career.

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Thanks are due!

Thanks are due!

Special thanks to Professional Artist Lenore DePree for her ongoing mentoring and artistic eye. Lenore DePree's website:

I also want to thank and recognize Tom Gray who generously set up the lighting and professionally photographed many of my paintings. Tom has retired from a long and exciting career as photographer for the United States Park Service.

Last, but not least, thank you to my loving husband and soul mate, Tom Truxal, who built my studio and devotedly supports every project.

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